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Monson: Don’t laugh at Max Hall now

First Published      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

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He was wearing a BYU T-shirt … ha-ha-ha-ha. Let's stop with the giggles and the guffaws. Let's stop with the talk of irony and karma. The chains of drug use are dangerous and punitive enough without senseless ridicule and spectacle.

Just because Max Hall played quarterback at a rival school and popped off back in the day shouldn't give license for everybody to laugh at the man's troubles when he's battling this kind of problem. That's true in his case, and it's true for others, too, red or blue, who have found themselves tangled up in any kind of alcohol or drug abuse.

Spare Hall and anyone else facing that monster the laughter.

Sorry for the preaching, but whatever sports teams you root for, it's a good time for everybody to show some class.

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