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BYU’s Holmoe says ruling on improper benefits imminent

First Published Aug 20 2014 12:31PM      Last Updated Aug 21 2014 11:49 am

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• Holmoe said he has spoken to the commissioners of the ACC and SEC after both conferences announced in the spring that their schools had to play at least one non-conference football game a year against a Power 5 program, and that they didn’t consider BYU at that level. He wasn’t able to change any minds.

"They have kept their policy and we are going to continue on to schedule as we want," he said.

So far, Holmoe said there hasn’t been any fallout from those decisions.

"When that happened, it was their business, and I have actually spoken to both commissioners about their policy, and we have had conversations," he said. "I am going to continue to schedule the best I can. We will go after and try to schedule schools from all conferences."





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