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Jabs fly during Utah-BYU rivalry week

First Published      Last Updated Sep 18 2013 05:56 pm

The best thing a politician can hope for when he or she is in a heap of trouble is for someone else to screw up worse, thereby taking the media attention away.

That seems to be what is going on to a certain extent with this whole Brian Blechen video mess.

BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley gets suspended then a video originally posted in August of Blechen falling back into tub of water is released, lending some fans to claim Blechen and the Utes were performing a mock baptism.

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said there was no ill intent.


p class="TEXT_w_Indent"> Honestly, if I am Whittingham and am told there is a youtube video of one of my players in a hot tub that has the social media afire and this is it, then I'm actually relieved. I can think of a lot worse transgressions that could take place in hot tubs.

Really, the only thing to take from all this is that the Utah-BYU rivalry is alive and well.

While the teams go about the preparations, the fans after one another, apparently trying to up the other in scandals.

Tuesday afternoon, Utah's players and Whittingham said they were treating Saturday's contest like it was just another game. He also said it didn't matter to him that the teams were taking a two-year break from playing each other after this game and there wasn't added emphasis to win.

But as all this controversy has shown, BYU-Utah is anything but a game. You can bet both these teams want very badly to have bragging rights for the next two years.

Saturday's game should make for great viewing, with one team thrilled to have some video evidence of the result.

- Lya Wodraska