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Reviews: FX sitcomes ‘Married’ and ‘You’re the Worst’ are pretty depressing

First Published      Last Updated Jul 17 2014 08:42 am

FX debuts a couple of really depressing sitcoms on Thursday night. They both have some laughs, but you're not going to come away feel particularly happy.

In Married (11 p.m., FX), Russ (Nat Faxon) and Lina (Judy Greer) are a longtime married couple whose marriage is not going well. They're "miserably married," in their own words.

Russ would like to have sex with his wife. He even dresses up like a vampire, because she likes that kind of thing.

Well, she doesn't like it much. Lina isn't interested, and she gives Russ permission to go find sex elsewhere.

It's not exactly as hilarious as it's supposed to be.

Coincidentally, "Married" and You're the Worst (11:36 p.m., FX) both feature characters snorting cocaine. They both feature characters masturbating. Which is supposed to be funny, but is sort of wildly uncomfortable.

Although uncomfortably funny pretty much sums up "You're the Worst," which begins when Jimmy (Chris Geere) show's up at his ex's wedding and makes a scene.

He hooks up with another wedding guest, Gretchen (Aya Cash), who is sort of the female version of himself. They're both pretty much awful people who begin an awful relationship.

Someday, maybe they'll get married and be just as unhappy as the couple in "Married."