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Tuesday on TV: ABC Family’s ‘Chasing Life’ needs to try harder

First Published      Last Updated Jun 10 2014 03:33 pm

I really wanted to like Chasing Life (10 p.m., ABC Family). The premise of the show is admirable - everything seems to be coming up roses for young, cute, vivacious April (Italia Ricci) until she runs into a major thorn.

She's just been diagnosed with leukemia.

But the drama is damaged by rather ridiculous writing that undercuts the characters and the show. And not just the ludicrous portrayal of her job - her internship - at a newspaper.

(FYI, The Salt Lake Tribune allows interns to write stories. Like just about every other real newspaper in America.)

April also has a family life and a love life, which she's afraid of disrupting if anyone finds out she has cancer. But she treats the leukemia like an annoyance - something to get in the way of the more important stuff. Which makes it extraordinarily difficult to identify with her.

I really wanted to like "Chasing Life." But it's just not that good.

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