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There's an odd Mormon moment in TNT's 'Murder In the First'

First Published      Last Updated Jun 09 2014 04:34 pm

There's a somewhat out-of-the-blue Mormon reference in Episode 3 of "Murder in the First."

Detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) are questioning a co-worker of a murder victim when he makes this comment:

"I can't believe she's gone," says the co-worker, Stan Shaw (Sam Daly). "Thankfully, she'll live again through resurrection."

English looks a bit startled at that unsolicited comment.

"I'm an elder in the LDS Church," Stan says.

"Oh. Right. Mormons," says English drily.

"It doesn't make me a prude," Stan says. "OK, maybe it does."

Later, we learn that the witness's co-workers referred to him as "Saint Stan."


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The episode is scheduled to air on Monday, June 23. And the characters of Stan Shaw will recur on the new crime drama.