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Utah Jazz owner Greg Miller will be an ‘Undercover Boss’ on CBS

First Published      Last Updated Jan 17 2014 02:02 pm

The owner/CEO of the Utah Jazz has been under cover lately. Not as a spy, as a boss.

Yes, Greg Miller will star in the Feb. 21 episode of the CBS reality series "Undercover Boss."

"He was great," said Mitch Graham, CBS's vice president of alternative programming, adding that Miller jumped in enthusiastically when the show filmed in Salt Lake City in December.

The concept of the show is that the boss (in this case, Miller) somehow disguises himself/herself and works with his/her employees. It's a way for the boss to find out what's really happening inside the business (in this case, the Utah Jazz) and get to know employees in a way they otherwise could not.

Word is that CBS and the producers were somewhat surprised at just how enthusiastically Miller joined in; that they were thrilled that he agreed to do some things they didn't expect him to do.

At the end of each episode, the boss reveals himself/herself to the employees and generally dispenses largesse in the form of promotions, money, etc. Occasionally, the boss also has to sort of snap back a wayward employee, although we have no way of knowing if that will happen in Miller's episode.