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Local TV stations win a whole bunch of regional Emmy Awards 

First Published      Last Updated Nov 06 2013 04:58 pm

A whole bunch of 2013 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards were recently awarded to local UtahTV stations. Which is great. Congratulations to all the winners, drawn from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and El Centro, California.

There are tons of regional Emmys handed out to tons of people at tons of stations across the country. As you'll note, the categories are very different from the Prime Time Emmy Awards. And there are ties in many categories.

And not all stations participate, mostly because not all stations want to pay the fees required to submit entries. Which is worth keeping in mind.


p class="TEXT_w_Indent">Here's the list of the local winners from the 2013 awards.

Sports - News Single Story

"Kicking and Screaming," Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey, Linda Williams - KSL 5 News

"The Lexe Selman Story," Matthew Glade, Jeremiah Jensen. David Noriega -KSL 5 News

Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports), Live or Edited

"The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Presents The Joy of Song," Jim Bell, Edward Payne, Mack Wilberg, Derek Marquis, Scott Swofford, Terri Pappas - BYU Broadcasting

Religion - Program Feature/Segment

"Finding Forgiveness," Irinna Danielson, Lance Hope - KSL 5 News

"Katherine Nelson," Tim Johnson - KSL 5 News

Religion - Program/Special

"Miracle of Music: Lessons Learned by the Piano Guys," Irinna Danielson - KSL 5 News

Education/Schools-Program Feature/Segment/Program/Special

"Utah's Perfect Storm: Drought, Debt, & The Great Depression," Rob Sibley - BYU Broadcasting

Historic/Cultural - Program/Special

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