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'Breaking Bad's' Betsy Brandt says it's 'f-ing awesome' to be on 'Michael J. Fox Show'

First Published      Last Updated Sep 26 2013 08:48 am

Betsy Brandt just lost one TV husband. But she's already got another one.

Brandt has co-starred on "Breaking Bad" since 2008 as Marie Schrader, the sister of Skyler White (Anna Gunn) and the wife of Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). And Marie is a widow now, what with the Hank being murdered by meth dealers and everything

And now Brandt is co-starring in "The Michael J. Fox Show" as Annie Henry, the wife of Fox's character.

"Going from 'Breaking Bad' to this and playing Mike's wife, is, I would say, pretty f-ing

awesome," Brandt said. "I mean, it's good to be Betsy Brandt right now."


p class="TEXT_w_Indent">(And, yes, she did actually say f-ing. Not the unedited f-word.)

Going from the darkest of dramas to a family comedy is exactly what Brandt was aiming for.

"I was really hoping I would get a comedy," she said. "This is beyond whatever I could have come up with in my mind. I didn't want to chase the next 'Breaking Bad' because there may never be one."

Hard to argue with that ....

And "The Michael J. Fox Show," which features Fox and Brandt as the parents of three children, is closer to her real life.

"When I read that script I just said, 'I say these things. These are things that I say to my kids,'" Brand said. "I thought the show was so great. Then once I read with Mike, I would have shanked all the other actors that were there to get this role.

"I would have. I did not."