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"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" suffers from too much Samberg

First Published      Last Updated Sep 17 2013 10:24 am

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" shows every sign of being a really good sitcom. Well, every sign but one.

There's too much Andy Samberg in Tuesday's premiere (7:30 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13).

That may sound strange, given that Samberg ("Saturday Night Live") is the star of the show. At least nominally.

But this is an ensemble comedy about a team of NYPD detectives, and his character, Jake Peralta, sort of seems dropped in from some other show.

"B99" comes to us from a pair of former "Parks and Recreation" writers/producers, Dan Goor and Mike Schur, and there's a certain similar sensibility, sort of. It's a team of eclectic characters who are adapting to the arrival of a new boss, by-the-book Capt. Ray Holt (Andre Braugher). Most of the pilot episode is wry and funny and sort of understated.


p class="TEXT_w_Indent">Except when Samberg is on the screen. Jake is a goofball who does idiotic things more appropriate for a "SNL" sketch. He's smart, arrogant and not as funny as he thinks he is.

Maybe that's supposed to be the joke ...

That said, there's still plenty of promise in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." When "Parks and Rec" began, there was too much Leslie (Amy Poehler) and the character was too abrasive and unlikable. They fixed that.

Here's hoping they fix this, too.



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