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Update: Fox 13 scrambles, gets Tuesday’s late newscast on late

First Published      Last Updated Sep 17 2013 06:11 pm

On Tuesday night, KSTU-Channel 13 almost did something unheard of in local TV news — it came close to completely ditching its late newscast.

Station vice president and general manager Tim Ermish said it was the result of "just a technical malfunction with the news systems. First time it's happened in 10 years."

Co-anchors Bob Evans and Hope Woodside appeared briefly at 9 p.m. to announce they wouldn't be appearing.

"Unfortunately, we are having technical difficulties tonight so we are not going to be able to air our program 'Fox News at Nine' at this point," said Woodside.

Evans offered a general explanation of what had gone wrong.

"We live by the computer and die by the computer," he said. "And we're having computer issues."

Pretty serious computer issues, clearly.

They announced the station would air a episode of "Dr. Oz," but about a half hour later the technical staff cured what ailed the KSTU computer system. Or, at least, made it well enough to go on with a delayed newscast.