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Sundance trailer of the day: ‘Cesar’s Last Fast’ [video]

First Published      Last Updated Dec 23 2013 03:12 pm

Today's 2014 Sundance Film Festival trailer puts a focus on the life and sacrifice of an icon of American labor: Cesar Chavez.

The documentary "Cesar's Last Fast" chronicles Chavez' career-long struggle to improve the treatment of America's farm workers. The specific focus is on Chavez' 1988 "Fast for Life," a 36-day water-only fast that Chavez endured as an act of penance — for, in his view, not having done enough to stop growers from spraying pesticides on farm workers.

The movie uses never-before-seen footage, and incorporates stories of Chavez' life and the struggles of today's farm workers.

"Cesar's Last Fast" will debut in the U.S. Documentary competition of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.