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Want to be a high school ref?

First Published      Last Updated Dec 09 2015 12:52 pm

How many times have you attended a high school athletic event, watched fans yell at the officials and then said to yourself: "I wouldn't do that job for all the money in the world?"

That raises an interesting point. Just how much money do high school officials make when they officiate a game?

The rate varies from sport to sport. Varsity football officials make $59 when four work a game and $57 when five officiate. That goes up to $64 for postseason games. Basketball officials make $59 when two work a game, $54 with three officials and $64 for the postseason, with junior varsity and sophomore refs getting $44.

Baseball is $54 for varsity, $44 for junior varsity and $59 for postseason. A soccer referee gets $53 per game while a linesman receives $34. Both receive $56 during the post season. Softball officials get $44 for varsity, $39 for junior varsity and $49 for postseason. The pay for volleyball is $42.50 for varsity, $32 for jayvee and $49 for post season. Wrestling refs make $54.50 for varsity, $40.50 for junior varsity and more for state meets that may involve six hours or more.

Drivers and riders also receive a mileage rate for all miles over 50.

According to Utah High School Activities Arbiter Jeff Cluff, there is a huge need for officials, especially in volleyball and soccer.

"We basically can train anybody," he said. "The speed of progression to become a varsity official is dependent upon athletic abilities and an understanding of the game. We teach them the game and teach them to understand the rules. The more you know abgout rules and your understanding of them, the better you will be."

If you would like to be a high school official, contact Cluff at 801-566-0681.

– Tom Wharton