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More notes on the FLDS boys living in Idaho

First Published      Last Updated Aug 30 2014 08:30 pm

Another follow-up story on the nine boys found in Pocatello, Idaho, in a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints home is scheduled to be published Monday.

Meanwhile, here are a few other items related to the case.

• Idaho is not the first time Nathan C. Jessop has encountered law enforcement. As I mentioned briefly, he was suspected of fathering a child with an underage girl he took as a wife, but charges were never filed. The Principle has more on Jessop. Jessop's case in Texas also is recounted in Sam Brower's book, "Prophet's Prey."

• Tammy Jessop has appeared in the press before, too. She was teaching students at the Yearning for Zion Ranch when Texas authorities raided it in 2008.

• Some have wondered who is the girl or young woman who opened the door when KUTV went knocking in Pocatello. The Bannock County police report discusses Tammy living with a 20-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl who assisted her in caring for the boys. Whether either of those people was the person who answered the door, we here at The Tribune don't know.

• Speaking of that police report, it was enlightening. We've heard for some time about children being separated from their parents and placed in the care of others within the United Order — Warren Jeffs' elite subset for his FLDS followers. Lt. Toni Vollmer discovered some important details of what has been happening to children with a parent still loyal to Jeffs. If you want to read the reports, you can find parts one and two embedded on this post or by clicking here.

• For more details about life with Nathan Jessop, check out this interview his stepson Gabriel Barlow gave to the Idaho State Journal.

• You may have noticed we didn't update the blog much in August. Investigating and reporting what was found in Pocatello consumed much of Nate Carlisle's time. Trent Nelson spent some vacation time with his family. But please keep checking here. We'll update best we can.

— Nate Carlisle