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Excerpts from the Bannock County, Idaho, report on the FLDS boys

First Published      Last Updated Aug 28 2014 07:37 am

Bannock County, Idaho, released a 70-page police report describing the discovery of nine boys living in a residence in Pocatello. The boys, and their caretakers, Nathan C. Jessop and Tammy Jessop, are Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints members in bad standing.

Nathan Jessop has pleaded not guilty to three counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

Here are excerpts from the report, written by police officers. The county redacted the names of children.

• "The boys have evidently been visited recently by an FLDS leader to sermonize and tell the boys they were all going to hell for being disobedient and wanting to leave the home."

• "Tammy said that the boys are too old now to live with her, advising that once they turn twelve they cannot live with her."

• A boy "advised that there was a rule that you can't be under the same roof as a woman after you turn twelve. [Redacted] advised that the rule was pretty 'Messed up.' "

• Some of the boys had run away from the home. Sheriff's Lt. Toni Vollmer asked Nathan Jessop if he reported any of the boys as missing. "Not particularly," he replied, according to the report.

• One boy "said that he was sent here by whom ever in Colorado City. I asked [redacted] who makes that decision and he said, 'Warren Jeffs.' I asked [redacted] if he knew the reason why. [Redacted] did not know why the decision was made to send him here."

• "Nate advised that all the boys have been hard to handle and have not learned obedience." Nathan Jessop later said all the boys had been "out on the streets and in trouble with the police."

• Tammy Jessop questioned whether any reforming was happening in the house. "…in my mind, it was just a holding tank," she is quoted as saying.


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