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Woman in Short Creek wants kids back, demonstration possible

First Published      Last Updated Aug 26 2014 12:55 pm

In June of 2012, FLDS leaders told Sarah Allred to repent, according to her attorney.

She was sent out of the community without her six children. Sometime later, says attorney Roger Hoole, Allred's husband was told the same thing.

The children remain with members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And Hoole says if the kids aren't returned to their mother soon, he's going to hold a demonstration in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., to draw attention to Allred's case.

"We're going to give them a little time to cop these children over," Hoole said, "and then we're going to make a spectacle."

Hoole thinks the children are in or near Hildale and Colorado City, collectively known as Short Creek.

The dispute has become a familiar one. Since the Jeffs family took power in the 1990s, men, women and children have been evicted from the FLDS. Members who remain loyal to FLDS President Warren Jeffs are said to be forbidden from having contact with those who are evicted or who, like Allred, are told to go repent.

Hoole said Allred doesn't know what her supposed transgression was. Her husband was Rich Allred, the former bishop at the FLDS compound in Pringle, S.D., though he, too, apparently had some kind of falling out with the Jeffs. Sarah and Rich Allred are no longer together.

Hoole said Sarah Allred had been repenting and hoping she would be allowed to reunite with her family. She recently concluded the FLDS was cheating her out of her children, Hoole said.

The four girls and two boys range from ages 14 to 3, Hoole said.

Tonia Tewell, of Holding Out Help, the organization that assists people wanting to leave polygamous families, said Sarah Allred has been unable to eat she is so worried about her children. She had thought the children were in the care of sister wives who loved the children, Tewell said, but recently learned the kids were with other followers of Jeffs.


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