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‘Sister Wives’ episode draws fiery reaction, name calling

First Published      Last Updated Sep 17 2013 01:22 pm

Correction appended.

I casually monitor Twitter after some "Sister Wives" episodes. It appeared to me the latest episode drew a stronger reaction than normal.

Last week's show included footage from an April panel at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas discussing polygamy. (Click here to read the Rebel Yell's article about the panel. By the way, that may be the greatest college newspaper name in the world.)

There were allegations on Twitter that TLC edited the episode to make Kristyn Decker, a former plural wife turned polygamy opponent, look menacing. That's still nicer than what polygamy opponent Cara Curfew-Kociela had to say to Christine Brown.

In all, there were some supporters of the Browns and some detractors. Click on the slideshow to see a sample of the tweets. Or click here to view the samples in Storify.

Speaking of the Browns, today marks eight months since the last court hearing in their federal lawsuit seeking to strike down Utah's bigamy law. All sides are waiting for a ruling from the judge.

Correction: Earlier I suggested a remark aimed at Christine Brown was tweeted by author Ed Kociela. It was actually tweeted by his wife, Cara Curfew-Kociela.

— Nate Carlisle

Twitter: @Tribunepolygamy