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Pac-12: Battle continues for top-four seeding

First Published      Last Updated Feb 24 2014 02:41 pm

Two weeks remain in the Pac-12's regular-season basketball schedule, and the battle for top-four seeds is every bit as competitive as when I last checked, prior to spending most of February at the Olympic Games in Russia.

So I'm back, and looking forward to the conference tournament in Las Vegas. Two observations: First, two very good teams - probable NCAA Tournament teams - are going to have to play in first-round games, March 12. Conceding the No. 1 seed to Arizona (12-2), five teams are playing for the other three byes into the quarterfinals: UCLA (10-4), Stanford (9-5), California (9-5), Colorado (9-6) and Arizona State (8-6). I'm predicting the order will remain intact, and Colorado and ASU will be playing the first day.


p class="TEXT_w_Indent">My other thought is that Oregon will be dangerous in this tournament. The Ducks (6-8) are tied for ninth place, which would position them to meet Arizona in the quarterfinals if the standings hold. Oregon also could move up to seventh, resulting in a potential quarterterfinal meeting with the No. 2 seed, and that could be a great matchup.

Pac-12: Battle continues for top-four seeds