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News roundup: Poll: Romney would beat Obama now

First Published Nov 19 2013 05:53AM      Last Updated Nov 19 2013 07:55 am

New poll: Romney would best Obama now. Inmate wasn't almost released. Lee-Leahy partner on patent bill.

Happy Tuesday. It's definitely not been President Barack Obama's month and new poll numbers show that it could have been worse. The latest survey results show that if the 2012 election were held now, Mitt Romney would have the edge. Romney bests Obama 49 percent to 45 percent, according to the Washington Post-ABC News poll. [




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Topping the news:

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder told the County Council that Salt Lake County Jail almost released a serial killer in mid-August because of an overworked staff but the clerical mistake wouldn't have released the killer to the streets, but to the Utah State Prison rather than back to a federal prison in South Carolina. [


-> Sen. Mike Lee and Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy have joined together to introduce legislation to deal with patent reform. [


Tweet of the day:



: "Now that Dick Cheney has to watch his relatives argue about gay marriage on Facebook, he can finally appreciate what torture feels like."

Canvass time:

Today is the official canvass day for municipal elections. A couple races to keep an eye on: SLC's Council District 1 where James Rogers was leading Kevin Parke by 59 votes on Election Day and the South Jordan mayoral race where Dave Alford has a 17 vote lead over incumbent Scott Osborne. We'll have updates at


later today.

In other news:

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and other advocacy groups plan to fight the permit granted by the state to a West Bountiful oil refinery to expand operations to produce the waxy crude pouring out of the Uintah Basin. [


-> South Jordan Councilman Chuck Newton thinks South Jordan should have its own school district, separate from Jordan School District. [


-> Protestors are planning a rally at the Grand America Hotel when the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations meet with the Trans-Pacific Partnership to work toward a new free-trade agreement. [


-> The Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District is looking to raise water and sewage costs to cover rising costs and the replacement of aging wells and lines. The proposed increase would raise customers rates by $7.50 a month or $90 a year. [


-> Paul Rolly shares how the Salt Lake County Auditor's office can be compared to the Utah Attorney General's office, both full of amusing and checkered histories. [



The Pentagon and other defense agencies have fudged their accounting books over the years in order to match the budget set by the Treasury, according to whistleblowers at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. [


-> The Obama administration brought in a private consulting firm in March to test how healthcare.gov would perform for its Oct. 1 launch and received reports that it was fraught with risks. [


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-> The Senate approved the Drug Quality and Safety Act which will strengthen federal oversight of large-scale compounding pharmacies and establish a national prescription drug track-and-trace system, the House passed it in September. [


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-> By refusing to hear an appeal, the U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the NSA to continue surveillance on domestic phone calls for now. [


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Ogden's Stuart Reid is a state senator. Yesterday's Cornflakes described him incorrectly and we apologize for the mistake.

Where are they?

Rep. Jason


attends the Honeywell industry breakfast, interviews with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, meets with a president of Pfizer and attends the Alpha House reception.Rep. Rob


attends the weekly GOP Conference meeting, sits down with Lincoln County, Nev., Commission Vice Chairman Kevin Phillips and attends a Rules Committee Hearing.Gov. Gary


takes part in GettyReady on KSL Radio, meets with Mark Bouchard, hosts Education Excellence and travels to Phoenix.SLC Mayor Ralph


takes part in the Department Directors meeting, attends the Capital City Education briefing and holds a City Council meeting.WVC Mayor Mike


attends the"Books and Breakfast" at Farnsworth Elementary, conducts a City Council meeting and meets with Eric Farnsworth's Boy Scout Troop.President Barack


speaks and answers questions at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting and meets with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

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-- Thomas Burr and Jordan Bailey







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