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Shurtleff’s VIP List

First Published      Last Updated Sep 09 2013 06:24 pm

Last week, we reported about questions being raised about Attorney General Mark Shurtleff’s relationship with businessman Mark Robbins and whether it created a conflict of interest in an investigation into a development near UTA’s Draper FrontRunner station, which Robbins had a hand in.

Apparently, the top attorneys in the office thought it created a conflict, because they have turned the case over to the feds to investigate.

One of the tidbits that raised questions about the Robbins-Shurtleff connection was an email Shurtleff sent with his

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VIP guest list for the 2009 inauguration

. The list included Robbins as a "major contributor," but also had an extraordinary cast of characters.

Here’s a rundown of who else made it into Shurtleff’s inner-circle:

• Tim Lawson — Fixer, friend and key player in the various and sundry allegations of misconduct

• Ted Johnson — CEO of The Tax Club, defendant in FTC action

• Jeremy Johnson — founder of I Works, sued by FTC and facing criminal charges

• Rob Stahura — Formerly of Mentoring of America, which was sued by the FTC

• Sov Ouk — A friend who,

according to City Weekly, Shurtleff helped out


• Alan Dayton — Utah lobbyist for several clients, including, at one time, I Works

• Ryan Poelman — Formerly of Bloosky, an online marketing business

• Jason Brailow — Direct marketer cited by state, former business partner of Jeremy Johnson

• James Bramble — Attorney for USANA

• Bryan Davis & Gordon Morton — Co-founders of Xango

• Steve Creamer — At the time was CEO of EnergySolutions

• Patrick Byrne — Founder of Overstock.com

• Mitch Jensen, David Biggs, Joe Steele — Big donors who landed a major contract from the AG to handle a drug lawsuit

• George Brunt & Randy Garn — Lawyer for and founder of, respectively, Prosper, Inc., which was sued by the FTC

• Mike Moffitt — President of Gold Cross Ambulance

• Doug Foxley — Utah lobbyist whose clients include payday loan industry

• Chris Kyler — Executive director of Utah Association of Realtors, lobbyist

• Bob Lichfield — Founder of a chain of teen wilderness reform camps

• Betty Ariel — Former lobbyist for EnergySolutions

• Mark Robbins — Figure in Draper UTA project, former partner of Marc Sessions Jenson Documents raise questions about AG’s probe of UTA deal

--Robert Gehrke

Twitter: @RobertGehrke