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News roundup: Feds shell out $80k a year for plane that doesn’t fly

First Published      Last Updated Sep 03 2013 09:45 am

Feds shell out nearly $80k for plane that can, but doesn't fly. Obama's congressional gamble. Life in Congress: Not Hollywood.

Happy Tuesday. The U.S. government pays some $6,600 a month to a Georgia contractor to hang on to a plane that can fly, but doesn't. It's all part of the Washington you love to hate: money tossed toward a plane meant to broadcast pro-American, anti-communist propaganda over Cuba but that experts say isn't helping much at all. While other government services take a hair cut, this one has its protectors. Your cost: $79,500 a year.

Topping the news: President Barack Obama will seek Congressional approval for any military action against Syria. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., warned of the consequences if Congress rejects the resolution.

-> Life as a Congressman isn't all it's cracked up to be as portrayed in Hollywood movies.

-> A planned women's shelter in Washington City, near St. George, could soon be neighbors with a gun range.

Tweet of the day: From @daveweigel: "NYC mayoral primary in seven short days, which means our Long National Weiner Nightmare will soon conclude."

Happy birthday: To the chief clerk of the Utah House, Sandy Tenney.

Opinion Section: Rep. Chris Stewart discusses why he wants more transparency with the EPA's rule-making.

-> Pat Bagley gives his take on President Barack Obama's task of asking permission on any Syria intervention.

-> A U. columnist says Sen. Mike Lee is showing a childish attitude towards the impending vote on a continuing resolution in October.

-> A Grand County Councilman says there is need to overhaul the State Institutional Trust Lands Administration after its decision to lease land at Book Cliffs.

-> UAC's Mark Ward says land auctioned off by the Bureau of Land Management for drilling purposes will not destroy anything.

-> Paul Rolly criticizes Sen. Mike Lee's efforts to raise re-election funds and his attempts to silence critics of his defund Obamacare plan.

-> LaVarr Webb and Frank Pignanelli joke about the headlines you'll never see from Utah's politicians.

-> Former Sen. Bob Bennett says there's no question Congress should be consulted about heading into any Syrian conflict.

In other news: From the headline pile that makes Rep. Jason Chaffetz smile: "Chaffetz working to keep agents on the border," referring to some legislation he's planning on the U.S. Border Patrol pay scale.

-> State wildlife officials won't try to stop the feds introduction of Rocky Mountain goats despite the fact they have never roamed Utah before.

-> Utah immigration lawyers don't see much help out of a White House directive to stop deportation of immigrants caring for young children.

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