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Olympics: Picabo Street misses competition

First Published      Last Updated Feb 10 2014 01:57 am

Picabo Street, a part-time Park City resident, won a gold medal in Nagano in 1998 and is working the 2014 Games as a Fox Sports analyst. During the Kearns stop of the Road to Sochi Tour presented by Liberty Mutual, Street described the emotions she goes through when another Winter Olympics comes around.

"It's almost like I go through a mourning process all over again, every time the Olympics happen," she said. "I miss it, then I get angry that I stopped or that I got old or whatever, and then that seems really futile, and then you move on to the next phase of just being jealous of [current athletes] still doing it, and then I move forward to kind of the reality of it now and about that time, one of my kids walks in he room and ... life's going on."