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Utah Crowd-Funding: A shirt of a different color

First Published      Last Updated Jul 01 2014 09:16 am

This week's Utah Crowd-Funding project takes the wet t-shirt to a different level.

Prismatik is a Salt Lake City company that is working to market the Splatter Tec shirt, a t-shirt with a special color dye that changes color when exposed to cold air or cold water.

According to the company's website, a shirt that's one color when at 76 degrees (such as when it's worn on the body) will change colors when the shirt's temperature drops below 69 degrees — like when it's out in the cold or wet.

"These shirts bring people together to make water fights more exciting, summer days more creative, workouts more vibrant, people's lives more lively, and the world a more colorful place!," the company writes on its Kickstarter page.

Prismatik is trying to raise $25,000 via Kickstarter, for production of the shirts. So far, the campaign has raised $9,484, with a July 20 deadline.

Benefits for backers range from a color-changing bandanna (for a $13 donation) to a deluxe package that includes eight t-shirts, two bandannas and an invite to a company pizza party/water fight (for a $500 pledge).

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