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Trailer arrives for ‘Maze Runner,’ based on Utah author’s book [video]

First Published      Last Updated Mar 19 2014 02:15 pm

Move over, Shannon Hale. Hit the bricks, Orson Scott Card.

Time for a new movie based on a best-selling novel by an author with Utah connections.

It's "The Maze Runner," based on the first book from Utah author James Dashner's dystopian young-adult series. (Side note: Is anyone getting sick of the phrase "dystopian young-adult" yet?)

The story is set in a mysterious place called The Glade — where teen boys are deposited with no memories of their past life or the outside world. What is outside The Glade is The Maze, which is populated by spiky slug things called Grievers.

The story begins when Thomas (played by Dylan O'Brien) is brought to The Glade. The others sense Thomas is different, and may be a prime candidate to be a "maze runner" — someone who can navigate the maze, avoid the Grievers, and escape. But after Thomas arrives, so does a girl, Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), who is the first girl ever sent to The Glade.

The movie of "The Maze Runner" arrives in theaters on Sept. 19 — but the trailer hit the Internet this week. Give it a look-see.