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Oscars ‘14: Grading The Cricket’s predictions

First Published      Last Updated Mar 03 2014 12:07 pm

Most years, 20 out of 24 would be a great score for Oscar predicting.

But with a year as predictable as this one — where so many of the winners were a foregone conclusion weeks ago — it's just so-so.

The four the Cricket got wrong:

• Picking "12 Years a Slave" for film editing, over the winner "Gravity," following the logic that film editing and Best Picture usually go hand-in-hand.

• Predicting "American Hustle" for original screenplay, not Spike Jonze for "Her" — a head-over-heart choice, since The Cricket reasoned that the Academy would give "American Hustle" something (it didn't). But Jonze's future-romance is, by far, the most original of the five nominees.

• Missing two of the short-film winners, the charming animated "Mr. Hublot" and the tear-jerking live-action Danish drama "Helium." Like anybody, even people who have seen them all (like The Cricket), really knows how those things will go.