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Utah Crowd-Funding: Playing the ‘Jane Game’

First Published      Last Updated Dec 10 2013 09:53 am

For this week's Utah Crowd-Funding project, we kindly introduce you to Miss Elizabeth Bankhead -- a name that, appropriately enough, feels like it came from a Jane Austen novel.

Miss Bankhead (or is it Mrs.? It is impolite for a gentleman to ask) is the creator of "The Jane Game," a board game that tests one's love and knowledge of Miss Austen's six novels.

According to Miss Bankhead's Kickstarter page, the game allows players to enter "Jane's world as one of her heroines. As such, you seek after a fortunate life by becoming an accomplished woman, gaining life experience and choosing to marry or not."

Miss Bankhead is seeking $18,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture and ship the game. So far, with 10 days to go, the campaign has raised $10,527 in pledges, or 58 percent. The deadline is Saturday, Dec. 14.

Donor benefits range from a PDF of the game's trivia questions (for $10) to having Miss Bankhead come to your house to throw a "Jane Game" party, complete with costumes (for $800). And, of course, Miss Bankhead's gratitude, which is more valuable than a wealthy husband.

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