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LDS-themed ‘Saratov Approach’ hits $1 million mark

First Published      Last Updated Nov 18 2013 03:37 pm

Only a handful of Mormon-themed movies have made a million dollars at the box office: "God's Army," "The Other Side of Heaven," "The Singles Ward" and "The Work and the Glory."

Now add another one: "The Saratov Approach," which topped the $1 million mark last last week, according to the film's independent distributor, Purdie Distribution.

And, the company says, "The Saratov Approach" has hit that mark faster than any other LDS-themed movie.

"These box office figures show how people are responding to this amazing film," Brandon Purdie, founder of Purdie Distribution, said in a statement.

The movie, which opened in Salt Lake City on Oct. 9, tells the story of two Mormon missionaries (Maclain Nelson and Corbin Allred) kidnapped and held for ransom in Russia.

The movie has yet to expand its distribution beyond the "Mormon corridor" — through Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada — which points out the word-of-mouth success of the movie, Purdie said.