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Jell-O snubs Utah schools with logo and team mascot molds

First Published      Last Updated Aug 04 2014 12:12 pm

To help welcome in the start of college football season, Jell-O is working with 20 schools across the country to market University Jell-O Mold Kits that feature their logo or mascot.

But holy jiggling oversight, Batman!

There isn't a single Utah school on the list!

There will be no block-U-shaped Jell-O shot, no Aggie ice cream mix-in shaped like the state's favorite cow, and, probably the most egregious omission? No BYU Jell-O Jigglers!!

In a state that even produced a Jell-O pin for the Olympics, and where most residents can tell tales of carrots and green beans invading their favorite wobbly dessert, there's no ability to share the love of our favorite college sports teams in the medium of our favorite sweet.

This is the second year of the campaign, and hopefully Jell-O marketing officials realize they are missing out on a major market here in the Beehive State and get that remedied.

Here are the schools lucky enough to have the molds, which have a suggested retail price of $5.99:

• University of Alabama

• University of Arkansas

• University of California- Los Angeles

• University of Southern California

• University of Florida

• University of Georgia

• Florida State University

• University of Iowa

• Louisiana State University

• University of Michigan

• Michigan State University

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