Video: Time-lapse shows off awesome Utah mural’s creation

First Published      Last Updated Jan 06 2014 11:36 am

Above, you can see a Utah business' bland wall come to life in 99 seconds flat.

Movement Ventures, a venture studio for entrepreneurs in Lehi, hired Salt Lake City-based artist Trent Call to spice up their conference room wall with a mural. Co-founder Josh Little documented the whole process and sped it up, so we can all watch Call liven up the room with his spray cans — without any wait or fumes.

"I had a feeling it was going to be spectacular so I set up a camera to catch the action. I'm glad I did," Little said. They posted the time-lapse video of the mural's creation to Vimeo on Thursday. "What came out was 100 [percent] Trent's genius. He's an amazingly talented human being."

Impressed with his portfolio, Movement Ventures had reached out to Call with the concept of creating a graffiti mural for the room. They liked the idea of incorporating movement — their name — into the design, "and thought it would be cool if the wall said Movement in graffiti style letters," Little said. "However, we felt it was important that the viewer had to fight a little bit to notice or read the letters. We wanted the wall to be filled with color and motion."

Call has done a handful of time-lapses of his work before, such as with his oil paintings and drawings, but never with something on such a large scale.

"Re-watching the process is always fascinating to me," Call said. In real time, he described his art as a slow, spontaneous, problem-solving tug of war. But to see all those hours sped up kind of "makes all the decisions look deliberate. Ha! It's [kind of] funny."

Little could not be more excited with Call's work.

"It will absolutely be the talking point of our new office and inspire the kind of creativity we are all about at Movement. The big question is … how can we take it with us when we outgrow these offices? Good problem to have."

If Call's style looks familiar, you might have seen his work at Granary Row in downtown Salt Lake City, or at the Salt Palace for the EVE Celebration, some of his more recent projects. If you like his work, you can contact Call at his website.

—Michael McFall

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