Utah is weird but Salt Lake is a metaphor, according to Yahoo map

First Published      Last Updated Dec 02 2013 11:48 am

The algorithms that rule the Internet have spoken and their verdict is clear: Utah is weird.

That verdict comes via an "autocomplete map" based on Yahoo search results. The map appeared on the blog Google Maps Mania last week in a post titled "Utah is weird." The post doesn't go into a lot of background, but usually autofill suggestions are determined by common search terms — so a lot of people are evidently wondering about Utah and weirdness.

And if you're feeling a little bummed that Utah got slapped with the "weird" label, buck up; "Arizona" often apparently gets searched with "racists," "Colorado" is for "hustlers." Nevada's autofill terms — "Nevada is not a wasteland" — also seem sad and a tad pathetic.

The map also labels major cities, with Utah's capital getting the cryptic results "Salt Lake City is a metaphor." When I tried Yahoo-ing Salt Lake City I got different results — "Salt Lake City is a washing machine." Huh? — so sadly we may never know what the city is a metaphor for. But I guess that's better than other major cities; the results labeled San Francisco as "a lonely town" and Seattle as "depressing."

— Jim Dalrymple II

Twitter: @jimmycdii