Photographer jokes about all 50 states with LEGO displays

First Published      Last Updated Nov 27 2013 10:17 am

Utah gets the LEGO treatment, thanks to a photographer with a big bucket of bricks and a lot of time on his hands.

Photographer Jeff Friesen is normally a "serious award-winning photographer, much given to brooding and brow-furrowing," according to his website. But he also has a side of him that loves making dioramas with his daughter. He combines those two halves of his life in a new project, "The Brick Fantastic," in which he built a LEGO scene of every state, infused with light ribbings at their stereotypes: Portland hipsters are freeing farm fowl, an alien chases a New Mexico rancher with a cattle prod and an elderly Florida man is about to get swallowed by an alligator.

Ours is one of the simpler displays: cyclists trying to manage their two-wheelers over Delicate Arch. "Delicate arches and delicate noggins collide in the Utah backcountry," reads the caption.

You can check out that and the other 49 displays at his website.

— Michael McFall