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Video: Watch as Batkid saves Gotham City

First Published      Last Updated Nov 15 2013 02:03 pm

This is the kind of story that just renews your faith in people.

Little 5-year-old Miles — who is a huge Batman fanatic — is stricken with leukemia, but that won't stop him from taking on the Penguin and Riddler in an effort to save San Francisco.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the city has banded together to help make Miles' wish come true: to fight crime in Gotham. Thousands have volunteered to block off streets, turn the Bay Area into their own Gotham City, and help the little tyke take on the baddies in comic book fashion. The San Francisco Chronicle even printed up 1,000 copies of the "Gotham City Chronicle" with a banner headline saying the Batkid has saved Gotham.

Today, the Batkid is on his crime-fighting spree and you can catch all of the live action on ABC's video feed here. Let's cheer him on as he makes the world safe for all of us.

— Vince Horiuchi