Drunk guy passes out, wakes up inside morgue body bag

First Published      Last Updated Nov 08 2013 09:14 am

A Polish man had just spent an evening drinking when he passed out on a park bench. Hours later, he woke up inside a body bag.

Marek Michalski, 56, passed out on a bench Piotrkow, Poland, according to Metro, so worried passersby called an ambulance. Crews couldn't find a pulse, so they evidently zipped him upside a body bag.

Michalski later woke up and started screaming. No one heard him. Finally, he managed to roll off a morgue table and escape. The experience left him traumatized.

"Someone has to pay for this, I have nightmares now about being sliced up by doctors who don't realize I am alive and want to do an autopsy," he said.

Michalski plans to sue the hospital, which has defended the actions of its staff.


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