Blog says Salt Lake is America’s most creative mid-sized city

First Published      Last Updated Nov 07 2013 11:48 am

What Florence was to the Renaissance, Salt Lake City is to ... whatever this is.

A San Mateo, Calif.-based online real estate brokerage has determined that among mid-size cities, Salt Lake is the most fertile ground for creativity.

Writing for Movoto, Natalie Grigson used seven per capita statistics to determine the nation's most creative mid-sized city out of 100.

Based on numbers Grigson found on Yelp, Salt Lake City ranks No. 2 in art stores, music stores, galleries, book stores and colleges/universities. We're No. 3 in performing arts and No. 8 in art schools — averaging out to third place for each category.

Nipping at SLC's heels in second was Pasadena, Calif., which had a category average of 3.4. There's a big dropoff to second place, however, with Richmond, Va., averaging ninth place.

—Matthew Piper