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Hike of the week: Holmes Creek — Webb Canyon

First Published      Last Updated Sep 24 2014 04:03 pm

Directions • From Highway 89 in Kaysville turn east on 200 North then turn left on Mountain Road the take a right onto 650 North and follow the road as it goes east for about a quarter-mile until you see a big dirt parking lot and a large wooden sign called the East Mountain Wilderness Park. This is also a trailhead for the Bonneville Shoreline trail and the Great Western Trail.

Keep this hike in mind for a great April Fools' Day gag. It begins as a very deceivingly, easy wide path on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with a nice view of Kaysville and Davis County, but promptly turns into a hike straight up a mountain, if you veer off the shoreline trail to a biking trail. Keep an ear out, as there is a rifle range nearby.

It is a perfect fall hike to see the colors of short shrubbery changing colors and cacti and desert sage bordering the trails, and a chance to smell the crisp fall air.

As you go off the beaten path the trail that was once accommodating to jogging strollers, families, narrows to something only a hiker, biker, or horse could access and shoots straight up the mountain ridge with a steep incline that goes up more than 1,000 feet over the next mile that has you testing your endurance.

The gorgeous overlook of the Davis County expands to Weber and Salt Lake County the higher you get. There is no match for the view and a great cardio workout. After hitting a heavily shaded area with scrub oak trees I finished which is why I called it 1339, because of how many feet in elevation I went. Make the hike your own!





Destination Holmes Creek

Hiking time 2 hours

Round trip miles 2.7 miles

Elevation gain 1,339 feet

Difficulty Moderate/Strenuous

Trail head restrooms No

Dogs allowed Yes

Bikes allowed Yes

Horses allowed Yes