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TroutBlitz is not a defensive play for the Seahawks

First Published      Last Updated Jun 28 2014 10:33 am

Officially, Trout Unlimited is calling its new TroutBlitz program a "citizen-science initiative" to figure out where healthy native and wild trout populations exist across North America. Personally, I think the folks at TU are trying to find some new fishing spots.

This isn't the first citizen-based mapping effort to be tried by a conservation group. I have no idea how things have gone for the others, but the fact I haven't seen a follow up release is telling.

I'm poking fun at TU, but there is a real value in the idea of using those who love a resource to invest in it by helping create maps to protect those resources.

Anglers too often keep information from one another and that protectiveness could end up costing the angling community as a whole down the road. So TroutBlitz, but make sure to send me the details first.