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'Deadliest Catch' on the Green River during spring electrofishing survey

First Published      Last Updated Apr 24 2014 01:04 pm

I'm always bummed when my schedule keeps me from helping with the twice yearly electroshocking survey on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Ryan Mosley, Flaming Gorge Project Leader for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, sent in this report from the survey. The video was taken several years ago. but is reflective of the process.

I've included some pictures from my Green River "office window" the last couple of nights. Pictured on the front of the boat doing the netting (hard labor) are Molly Ryan of the US Forest Service and Kevin Clegg from Flaming Gorge Resort. Just another example of cooperative effort to get the job done. It was the Green River's version of Deadliest Catch (minus the ending pay-out) as Mother Nature threw everything she had at us including wind, pouring rain, and thunder and lightning. Fortunately we finished with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises.


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This completes our spring fishery assessment via electrofishing below Flaming Gorge Dam. We collected a total of 477 fish at Spillway and 400 fish at Little Hole, up slightly from what we collected last fall. The fish looked good and healthy, most notably rainbow trout. We sampled more fish at Spillway, but overall bigger fish at Little Hole including brown trout up to 23-inches and 4lbs, rainbow trout up to 19-inches and 2.5 lbs, and whitefish up to 20-inches and 2.75 lbs. With the abundance of blue-winged olive hatches right now, it's a good time to visit and throw a dry for some quality fish!

Thanks, Ryan