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Green River Fishing Report - Trout feasting on eggs; don't walk on the redds

First Published      Last Updated Nov 27 2013 11:23 am

Ryan Kelly, the Green River Fly Fisher, sent in this Thanksgiving report. Sounds like his family has eggs on the brain. Which makes me wonder. How do you stuff eggs with dressing? Good luck with that Ryan and thanks for the great reports.

My toddler summed up the current fishing conditions when he asked for breakfast this morning, "Mama, eggs, I want eggs."

The spawn is in full swing and the fish have keyed on eggs. Many of the main spawning areas have received a lot of pressure over the last couple of weeks. More realistic egg patterns, and eggs that are the right color have become more effective. Eggs are an apricot/peach color, especially after being exposed to sunlight. Please don't walk on the white gravelly areas! This is where future fish and an important food source are lying.

These areas are generally in less than two feet of water and are often extremely close to the shore. There is no such thing as "too shallow of water" at this point. Just because a white spot is close to the shore, or there aren't fish on the spot at the moment, don't assume that it doesn't have eggs on it. There are enough eggs in the water that eggs have become effective in other parts of the river and not just on the redds.

I had someone catch the biggest fish of the year last week and it wasn't on a redd, but it was on a egg. Have a great Thanksgiving feast. I don't know what everyone out there is having for the Big dinner, but I know what the fish are feasting on, eggs.