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BuzzFeed founder explores why Mormonism passed Judaism

First Published      Last Updated May 12 2014 04:45 pm

Which is a "higher quality" faith — Judaism or Mormonism?

That's one question that Huffington Post and BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti posed in a March 20 PowerPoint speech about Web content at the University of Florida.

The Internet newsman was trying to make a point about what he called the "biggest misconception" about online content, namely that "quality is all that matters," according to a report on MuckRock, a collaborative news site.

"Quality content" doesn't just go viral on its own, Peretti argued in the speech. He then showed the audience a bar graph, indicating each religion's "Performance Metrics" from 1950 to 2014.

In 1950, there were 11.25 million Jews worldwide and fewer than a million Mormons. These days, there are 12 million to 14 million Jews and more than 15 million Mormons.

The implication being, MuckRock reports, that "the 'best' religion doesn't always win."

Peretti's "takeway," the site says, was "Learn from the Mormons: Have an idea and a way to spread it."

Peggy Fletcher Stack