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A first: Photos of Mormon women leaders run with men’s mugs in mag

First Published      Last Updated May 12 2014 09:40 am

For the first time, the LDS Church has added photos of its female leaders to a visual gallery of the faith's all-male general authorities in its official Ensign magazine.

Photos of the nine women — who lead the General Relief Society for females age 18 and up, the Young Women for those between 12 and 17, and Primary for children 11 and younger — can now be seen below the men at the bottom of the two-page centerfold in the May issue, which provides reports of the church's April General Conference.

This was not the case with the printed edition of the November 2013 Ensign, which reported speeches and announcements from the October General Conference.

Between then and now, however, the women's photos have been added to the November issue's PDF online — as if they were there all the time.

"The newer photo with women had been substituted after the fact," writes Feminist Mormon Housewives. "LDS.org just rewrote history!"

So why the change?

"Conversations about giving more voice and visibility to women have been going on for some years," explains LDS Church spokeswoman Jessica Moody. "Another outcome of these discussions includes adding the female presidencies and other leaders' portraits to the May 2014 Ensign. The November 2013 Ensign was also updated online earlier this year as part of these ongoing efforts and discussions."

Peggy Fletcher Stack