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After Utah, which states are the most Mormon?

First Published      Last Updated Feb 26 2014 01:14 pm

OK, so Utah is the most Mormon state — by a long shot — but which U.S. state ranks second or third or fourth or fifth?

Answers: Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Montana, in that order.

So says a new Gallup daily tracking survey conducted in 2013.

The poll shows 60 percent of Utahns identify themselves as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, followed by its northern neighbor, Idaho, at 24 percent. The rest of the top Mormon states fail to break into double-digit percentages with Wyoming at 9 percent; Nevada and Montana, 5 percent; Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska, 4 percent; and Washington, Colorado and Oregon, 3 percent.

Nationally, Latter-day Saints account for about 2 percent of the adult populace, according to the survey.

Protestants lead the way at nearly 51 percent, followed by Catholics at 24 percent.

Like Mormons, Jewish Americans make up about 2 percent of the U. S. population, but, unlike Mormons, they are spread more evenly. The most Jewish state is New York at 7 percent, followed by New Jersey, 5 percent, and Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, 4 percent.

Other notable poll findings:

• Utah is the least Protestant state with 11 percent of its residents identifying with one of those denominations.

• The top 10 Protestant states are all in the South, led by Mississippi and Alabama at 77 percent.

• Rhode Island tops the Catholic list at 54 percent, followed by New Jersey (44 percent), Massachusetts (41 percent), Connecticut (40 percent) and New York (37 percent).

• Not surprisingly, the least Catholic states are in the South. Only 8 percent of residents in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas call themselves Catholics.

• Utah, with all of its Mormons, also ranks among the least Catholic states. About 9 percent of Utahns belong to the world's largest Christian faith.

The survey's margins of error range from plus or minus 1 percentage point nationally to as much as 6 percentage points in some state samplings.

A previously released Gallup poll crowned Mississippi as the nation's most religious state, edging out Utah by 1 percentage point.