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Western Editorials: Solar power fees, poison in the tea, water, gas and ‘The Boyfriend Factor’ ...

First Published      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

Editorial writers around the West on some of the basics of life. Electricity. Water. Gas. Wilderness. Child care. Iced tea.

Utah PSC was right to deny solar power surcharge — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"The Utah Public Service Commission made what a football coach might describe as a good no-call Friday when it ruled that, for now, Rocky Mountain Power will not be allowed to assess an extra fee for customers with their own solar generating systems. ..."

City smart to examine energy efficiency — St. George Spectrum Editorial

"The city of St. George appears ready to take on a relatively low-risk endeavor to make its buildings more energy efficient. And that could translate into savings to the city's taxpayers over the next 15 years. ..."


A rare reaction of grace — Deseret News Editorial

" ... There has been an outpouring of public sympathy for Jan Harding, a 67-year-old retired schoolteacher, and her husband, Jim, who was with her at a South Jordan restaurant when she sipped an ice tea beverage in which sweetening agents were laced with a powerful dose of lye. Having been thrust before the public eye as a result of tragic happenstance, Jim Harding has responded with uncommon candor, optimism and empathy. ..."

Tea party trouncing reflects voters' verdict — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

" ... The vibe the current crop of tea partiers exuded indicated that they would have spent their terms being impossible. The people of the Cowboy State sensed that. Thus they handed the keys to the kingdom to folks who are attuned to the realization that governing demands far more than serial complaining. ..."


Delta spats making water experts of us all — Los Angeles Daily News Editorial

" ... It can take a lifetime of learning to suss out the complexities of the provenance and the delivery systems of water in California.

"But laypeople are having to develop at least a surface-level understanding of how water works if they are to be at all competent in making the kinds of decisions the body politic is charged with during this era of climate change on the one hand and cyclical drought periods on the other — the former probably compounding the latter. ..."

Don't Skimp on Gas Oversight — Twin Falls (Idaho) Times-News Editorial

"Idaho should learn from the mistakes of others and avoid at all costs shortchanging the regulatory end of the state's burgeoning natural gas play. ...

" ... Sir Isaac Newton nailed it: There are no consequence-free actions. ..."

Let's stick together to protect Montana's last best wildlands — Billings Gazette Editorial

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