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Pro-Am on the Op-ed: Booze, buses, Ordain Women, BYU, raw milk ...

First Published      Last Updated Oct 03 2014 02:16 pm

Is there not enough alcohol out there? Or too much?

And, either way, shouldn't there be more public transit for people who might be drinking?

The founder of Ordain Women states her case.

BYU overwhelms Provo. In a good way.

Oh, and stay away from raw milk.

Does Utah want its liquor business to improve? — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... it is a good sign that Utah's state-run liquor monopoly has reached out to its customers with a survey, and the results of that outreach show the state's 46 liquor outlets could make several moves that would both improve service and, as a result, produce more tax money for school lunches and other state needs.

"The question, of course, is whether the state really wants to better satisfy its customers, who might just consume more alcohol as a result. ..."

Trouble on tap? Colleges turning to beer sales at football games — Deseret News Editorial

"Trouble's brewing, as universities seeking additional revenues are turning to public beer sales at college football stadiums. This year, 32 universities fielding Division I football teams will sell beer to the general public at their home games. ..."


UTA still has work to do to gain public trust — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... If UTA cannot demonstrate a better sense for what it means to work for the taxpaying public, then perhaps lawmakers should consider a change in the oversight structure. Some transit agencies even make their top positions an elected office. That comes with its own disadvantages, but at least there would be more direct accountability.

"Until then, UTA leaders have work to do to convince Utahns they know how to handle their money. If they don't, this won't be their last audit."

UTA accountability — Deseret News editorial

"Gov. Gary Herbert would like more elected officials to be part of the Utah Transit Authority board, a move he feels would increase the level of accountability in the wake of yet another troubling legislative audit of the agency.

"That would be a positive step going forward. However, he and other public officials must demand greater accountability for the past, as well. ..."

In Utah, we bribe the rich, punish the poor — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

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