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First Published      Last Updated Aug 25 2014 04:09 pm

You never know who will walk through that door — Charles McCollum | Logan Herald-Journal

"Every crazy person in town eventually winds up in the local newspaper office. ..."

And that doesn't even count the people who work there! (Rim shot)

OK, get serious:

Utah cops conduct a sadly honest drug bust — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... Officials even admitted that the short-term effect of their busts would be to shrink the supply and thus — by laws of economics that are beyond the reach of any cop, lawyer or legislator — boost the price of heroin on the street.

"While that might cause some users to go home and rethink their lives, others will just have to work harder — i.e., steal more — to afford their fixes. ..."

Marijuana acceptance will lead to social costs — Jay Evensen | Deseret News

" ... These battles are bound to spread nationwide as popular opinion moves in the direction of legalization. And make no mistake, that is where it's going. Even the New York Times editorial board recently advocated for legalization, referring to the "vast" social costs of keeping the drug illegal, but brushing aside the costs on the other end. It called 'addiction and dependence … relatively minor problems'. ..."

New methods to consume alcohol open danger door — Lois Langraf | For The Colorado Springs Gazette

" ... "Vaping" is a process where alcohol is heated in a device similar to a vaporizer and inhaled, usually through a straw. Vaping has been described by users as causing an immediate and intense high. Normally, when a drink is taken, alcohol is absorbed 10 percent through the stomach and 85 percent in the small intestine.

"By bypassing the digestive system, vaping causes alcohol to be ingested directly to the bloodstream through the lungs. This causes dangerous levels of intoxication. ..."

Ferguson is our future, written in the past — Ben Fulton | For The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... No personal hand-wringing compensates for the sight of war-torn streets, chanting protesters, firebombs and the sight of faces doused in milk to stanch the scalding burn of tear gas. Among the countless "deep reads" on the Ferguson crisis, many point to the worrisome trend of a more militarized police force across our nation's municipalities. But racism is a sub-set of fear. Fear is bred by distrust. And distrust thrives best when people live apart. ..."

I grew up black in St. Louis. Here's why I left — Ace Robinson | For The Seattle Times

Poll: Utahns Mixed on Support for Common Core Standards, Most Don't Understand Them — Bryan Schott |Utahpolicy.com

"A plurality of Utahns don't support the Common Core Standards, but most don't know what they are in the first place. ..."

Demilitarize law enforcement — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

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