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Utah Editorials: Bad highways, bad bugs, bad students, good schools, depression ...

First Published      Last Updated Aug 13 2014 01:18 pm

UDOT would be wise to shelve West Davis highway — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"The Utah Department of Transportation has made a wise decision by delaying, again, moves toward building the planned West Davis Corridor freeway.

"It would be wiser still for UDOT to just come out and admit that the plan has so many deserved enemies, and so many serious flaws, that it should be shelved altogether, once and for all. ..."

Protect your family against West Nile — Provo Daily Herald Editorial

" ... The county has performed mosquito abatement exercises each year in an effort to protect us from the illness.

"A public education campaign also has helped residents to their part to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds — mostly standing water around yards and waste areas. ..."

More resources are needed to guarantee all sexual violence is discovered, investigated and prosecuted — Deseret News Editorial

" ... A bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate would require colleges to conduct surveys on the frequency of assault and publish the findings or face serious financial penalties. The measure follows the release this year of a study by the White House Council on Women and Girls that indicates one in five women has been assaulted while attending college.

"The number is shocking, and it clearly demonstrates the problem is big enough to earn top priority among colleges as well as law enforcement agencies. ..."

Defend Utah academic standards — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... there is misinformation about Common Core and Utah's participation in it. One myth is that our state's educational standards are entirely part of a nationally based effort, or in other words that the feds are trying to tailor Utah's educational standards to fit an agenda of some kind. That's not true, Utah's educational standards, its 'common core,' is set by Utahns. Certainly elements of the Common Core initiatives may be embraced by Utah educational officials tasked with establishing our standards, but it's Utah's decision, not a sinister mandate from the feds. ..."

Guard against depression — St. George Spectrum Editorial

" ... [Robin] Williams battled depression for many years, something unimaginable for casual fans who always saw the happy side of the man. He turned to drugs to self-medicate his condition but had appeared to have successfully battled those demons. We now know he may have battled those demons, but he couldn't defeat them. ..."