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Doing good, doing bad, with and without religion ...

First Published      Last Updated Aug 11 2014 03:52 pm

The good and the bad hide behind religion — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... Of course, what the law and any religion have in common is that people interpret both of them to suit their own needs, wants, desires and feelings. People decide what is right, what they want, what they will and won't do, and then search for legal, or religious, justifications. ...

" ... What religion does is provide cover. Cover for the selfish, for the suddenly contrite, and even for the selfless. Religion's greatest contribution is that it enables charity and concern for other human beings in a way that the generous and the devoted come across as serious and inspired, not weak or easy marks.

"Good and bad. It's the individual who chooses. Not the Almighty."

Trib editorial talks diversity in the judiciary. All about religion:

Utah high court needs religious diversity — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... The judiciary is necessarily more insulated from popular politics. Supreme Court justices are first appointed, not elected (although they do stand for retention elections where no justice has ever lost). Those who appoint them have the duty to foster a diverse court, and in this case that means replacing Nehring with another non-Mormon. ..."

Kirby takes a look at prayer. Hard to do without being about religion:

Prayer — hearing what you want — Robert Kirby | The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... If I owed someone a million bucks and didn't feel like paying it, you can be damn sure that I would find a way so that God didn't want me to pay it, either. ..."

Catholic bishop calls for doing onto the least of these. Invokes religion:

Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act does not match up with Utah ideals — Bishop John C. Wester | For The Deseret News

"As a relative newcomer to Utah, I have been impressed with the people's generosity and deep commitment to charitable works, which are evident throughout the state. Utahns display a level of understanding of the Gospel call to care for the poor and the needy that is a model for the nation. This is one reason I find it so difficult to understand why Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, would propose H.R. 5137, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act, which contradicts these ideals. ..."

Sportwriter looks to do something good, if not entirely selfless, for others. Does not really invoke religion (just a passing God bless at the end):

Looking forward to becoming foster parents — Jason Turner | The Logan Herald-Journal

" ... You see, my wife and I are in the final stages in preparing to become foster parents. We have completed all of the pre-service training classes, have undergone a background check, submitted all of our paperwork and have prepared a couple of rooms in our house for kids. ..."

Impossible to talk about all the violence in the Middle East without mentioning religion:

— U.S. sending arms to Kurds in Iraq — AP | sltrib.com

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