State of the Debate

Pundits on saving public land, taxing private land, beer in Utah County and pizza for wolves ...

First Published      Last Updated Aug 04 2014 01:32 pm

Greater Canyonlands: right idea, wrong method — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"It may be more a question of when than if President Obama will wave his presidential scepter and create a new national monument in southern Utah. If he does, it will be a good end but a bad means. ..."

Best use, best care — Deseret News Editorial

" ... One way of accommodating such multiple expectations in public lands policy has been to think in terms of multiple use — especially for BLM lands. Multiple use may suggest "more" use, which in turn may suggest "better." But multiple use is inherently uncertain and unstable. What public lands policy could benefit from is certainty from a process that identifies the "best" uses for those lands. ..."

Tax appraisals need consistency — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

"Davis County homeowners who experience severe "sticker shock" on the market values of their homes as assessed for tax valuation notices have a right to be both surprised and displeased by the huge increases. ..."

No beer at Tough Mudder? Tough — Provo Daily Herald Editorial

"Utah County is doing just fine without beer at large public events, and we urge County Commissioners to reject a proposal to change its current ordinance. ..."

What are wolves supposed to do? Order a pizza? — Arizona Republic Editorial

"Be glad you aren't a Mexican gray wolf.

"The federal agency charged with restoring this endangered predator to the wild wants to retain a death penalty for wolves that kill livestock and impose a new capital offense for eating too many deer, elk and other wild ungulates.

"What are the wolves supposed to do? Call out for pizza? ..."