State of the Debate

Pundits play to their readers’ interests: Skiing, traffic, water, pot, global religious freedom ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 31 2014 12:08 pm

Here's why every community should have its own newspaper. News coverage — and editorial commentary — about local stuff.

Skiing. Water. Water. Traffic. Marijuana. Dogs. Giving religious groups a pass.

Owners must keep Park City Resort operating — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"The ski industry titans facing off over Park City Mountain Resort may be headed to a truce that would allow the resort to open for the season, and that is a necessity for Park City and the rest of the state. ..."

Provo residents concerned about water rate hikes — Provo Daily Herald Editorial (now that there are such things again)

"Provo made the right move to include a water system improvement plan in its most recent budget.

"Although it wasn't popular, the decision was based on the city's water usage. On most days, Provo residents are using more water than the city can deliver — almost twice as much. ..."

State should study groundwater supply — Santa Fe New Mexican Editorial

"If persistent drought and high temperatures aren't enough to make New Mexicans wonder how a changing climate will impact the state, a new study on groundwater in the Southwest should be setting off alarm bells. ..."

Light wars in N. Utah — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... Future development is a good problem to have. It brings in jobs and tax revenues. Don't hamstring it by limiting traffic lights on a major street."

Charging responsible dog owners for the sins of irresponsible dog owners — Oregonian Editorial

"The dog days of summer may have arrived, but Clackamas County's commissioners aren't kicking back with mint juleps and folding fans. Quite the contrary, in fact. On Thursday, they'll consider a handful of regulatory changes that should interest dog owners, both those who license their pets and those who don't. You know who you are, scofflaws. ..."

Federal contracting executive order needs provisions protecting religious freedom — Deseret News Editorial