State of the Debate

Tell us, o pundits, tell us how to work it out for ourselves ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 30 2014 01:26 pm

[Above: A semi-relevant bit from 'Life of Brian' — the Pythons' masterwork.]

Editorials in Western newspapers on how we can all just work it out for ourselves. With the feds or without them ...

Power of cooperation helps end Navajo Generating Station — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... the folks at Salt River Project, the large Arizona-based utility that owns Navajo Generating Station, could have forced the EPA to go through a long regulatory and judicial process, trying to keep the plant operating, at full power, past the 2044 end date that has now been agreed to.

"And those concerned about the impact the plant has on the environment — including but not limited to the haze that too often settles over what should be the clear skies over the Grand Canyon and 10 other national parks and wilderness areas — could also have played judicial hardball and tried to shut the thing down much sooner. Which would have had unpleasant reverberations for many people in Arizona and on its Indian reservations.

"Instead, many of those with a big interest in how the matter was to play out got together, convinced EPA to hold off and, just the other day, won the regulatory agency's approval for their alternative. ..."

Find opportunity in EPA's new coal emission rules — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

" ... Energy producers are much more likely to adapt and develop a workable business model suited to the new regulatory environment. The one thing that will in fact bring on the apocalypse is our refusal as a state to adapt to challenges. ..."

Stay out of UTOPIA, Congress — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... Despite UTOPIA's problems, it is not the business of Congress to pass legislation which affects its operations. The amendment, pushed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., attempts to follow a 2001 Supreme Court decision that bound municipalities to state regulations. But that is a static interpretation of information technology, and should not be used to kill a multi-municipal effort to have potentially inexpensive, easily accessible broadband service for consumers. ..."

Maybe now GOP can get back to business — Idaho Statesman Editorial

"Though it is not our job to be Idaho Republican apologists or pay undue attention to the inner machinations of the GOP, it has been difficult to look away from the circus-like events that threatened its future and effectiveness - the latter being the most important. ..."

Disband marshal's office — St. George Spectrum Editorial

" ... It shouldn't matter what a person believes. And if the marshal's office in Hildale and Colorado City are not fulfilling their duty, the officers not only should be out of jobs, but they should face criminal charges themselves for endangering others with their inaction. ..."

The Affordable Care Act needs a bipartisan overhaul — Deseret News Editorial

" ... Some critics of the Affordable Care Act are hoping that the latest legal mess will finally put an end to the Affordable Care Act. Yet many who are eager to see its collapse are offering few alternatives to address the nation's pressing health care problems. Returning to the pre-Obamacare status quo is not an acceptable option. Congress needs to focus on workable reforms to improve the system, and Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch's health care bill could provide a good starting point for future discussions. ..."

Independents: Care enough to vote when it matters — Arizona Republic Editorial

" ... Independents are the single largest voting bloc in Arizona. They outnumber Republicans and Democrats. Yet this giant snores peacefully as small slivers of the GOP and Democratic parties pick Arizona's leaders. ..."