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Pundits high on marijuana, of one form or other ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 29 2014 12:33 pm

While we in Utah look to make limited, practical use of one non-intoxicating form of cannabis, our editorial brethren at The New York Times are going all in on federal legalization.

Utah should do more to make cannabis extract available — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... The Utah Legislature has already taken the first step. In their last session, lawmakers passed a bill known as Charlee's Law, named for 6-year-old Charlee Nelson, who suffered from a crippling form of epilepsy and who died days after the law was passed. That law created a process where parents of children suffering from severe forms of epilepsy, ailments not eased by conventional medicine, could legally acquire a non-psychotropic marijuana derivative called cannabidiol.

"But even with the legal process in place, even with legal marijuana operations in nearby Colorado, even with federal officials looking the other way as Colorado tries out its new approach, actually getting hold of enough cannabidiol to meet the demand is proving difficult. Families are looking to form caravans — or even move to Colorado — to meet their children's needs. ..."

Removing 'stigma' of medical marijuana — York (Penn.) Dispatch Editorial

" ... These doctors practice in the 20 states where compassionate lawmakers understood the difference between recreational use of pot and legitimate, medical use of cannabis.

"Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not one of those states ..."

High Time: An Editorial Series on Marijuana Legalization — New York Times Editorials

"It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which people kept drinking, otherwise law-abiding citizens became criminals and crime syndicates arose and flourished. It has been more than 40 years since Congress passed the current ban on marijuana, inflicting great harm on society just to prohibit a substance far less dangerous than alcohol.

"The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana. ..."

Timing the Call to Repeal Marijuana — David Firestone | The New York Times

" ... In the practice of editorial writing, timing matters a great deal. The series that The New York Times editorial board began on Sunday, calling for an end to the federal ban on marijuana, is receiving a great deal of attention not because it is a wildly radical move, far ahead of its time. It's because it comes at a moment when the country is engaged on this topic, and is moving with surprising speed toward a different appraisal of marijuana than existed in the 1970s, when the current ban went into effect. ..."

Why the New York Times' Editorial Series Calling for Marijuana Legalization Is Such a Big Deal — Tony Newman | Drug Policy Alliance | For The Huffington Post

The history of pro-marijuana editorials — Dylan Byres | Politico

"The New York Times' marijuana legalization editorial may have been the most significant endorsement in the decades-long fight for legalization, but it was not the first. ..."

Of course, out here in the Wild West, at least one newspaper was waaaay ahead of the Gray Lady:

The Washington Legislature should legalize marijuana — Seattle Times Editorial, February 18, 2011

"Marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed. The push to repeal federal prohibition should come from the states, and it should begin with the state of Washington. ..."

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